Why Join?

We are an online community of people who love radio in South Africa. It is an outlet for urban citizens to express themselves and their opinions on a range of issues related to radio. About once a week we send out a short survey, to find out your opinions on various topics, which range from the latest music to DJ’s, news, content, etc. In return for your time we’ll give you the chance to win exciting prizes such as: IPads, ITunes vouchers, concert tickets, tickets to breakfast events, tickets to exclusive media events, hampers and much more.

What is PrimeConnect?

In short it’s an online research community where we send you an invitation via email to take part in surveys on a regular basis.

But we like to think it’s much more than that… an urban community consisting of like-minded people age 16+ who spend time listening to radio stations. Those who join will have the chance to take part in interesting research projects on a regular basis and see their influence literally popping up all over town.

So, what do you want to know from me?

We are interested in your ideas, opinions, behaviour and general feedback on a variety of topics.

One week we may send you surveys asking how you feel about topics in the news at the moment. The next, we might ask who is your favourite DJ, what stations you listen to, what are your top songs at the moment, what brands you buy, etc.

One thing’s for sure – the surveys we send you will cover a whole host of subjects that we hope you’ll find interesting and thought-provoking to take part in.

Why do we want to know all of this?

Primedia the company behind PrimeConnect is a service-oriented business, serious about getting closer to customers. This initiative is all about ‘engaging audiences', and reaching, understanding, and responding to needs & opportunities.

Our intention is to build an understanding of people’s attitudes, opinions, aspirations, desires, and dreams as they go through the journey of life as a South African urban citizen.

In a nutshell, our client wants to be even better informed and knowledgeable about their audience.

What do you do with the survey results?

Our research teams use survey results to present to our client. Occasionally we may post survey results on Twitter or Facebook.

On our ‘what you’ve told us’ area of the website we’ll be making regular updates about interesting results from surveys you’ve taken part in, so keep checking the website to gain access to inside information!

What do I get in return? 

When we were setting up PrimeConnect we thought long and hard about how to reward our members. We developed a list of prizes that we think will appeal to everyone – such as: IPads, ITunes vouchers, concert tickets, tickets to breakfast events, tickets to exclusive media events, hampers to name a few.

We’ll also send you a monthly newsletter - thanking you for your time, and letting you know how we have used the survey results across the business.

Will I ever actually win anything?

The prize draw winners are picked out at random from an independent source. You’ll have to enter that particular survey to be in with a chance – and then the rest is down to luck.

How many surveys will I have to complete?

It’s completely up to you. Obviously we’d like you to take part in all of them but we know most people lead very busy lives. We'll always make sure our surveys are varied in both subject matter and length, to try and keep it as interesting as possible!

How long will the surveys be open for?

It depends really - sometimes we may need a really quick response to a question, and so only have the survey open for a few hours, while other surveys will be open for a week. We will always let you know in the email invite how long the survey will be open for.

Will I have to do anything else?

From time to time we may invite you to take part in other research projects for us. These could be online discussion forums or real-life focus groups where we invite you to a location as part of a group to discuss a topic. We may also ask you to send in photos or videos of you out and about if you wish - but don't worry we'll never force you to do anything!

Will you pass on my data to other companies?

Never. Although we will show our client the results to surveys, these will be aggregated results only. We will never reveal the names/email address of community members to 3rd parties, as that will breach our privacy policy which you can see here.

What if I want to leave, how do I do this?

We hope you’ll find being a member of PrimeConnect interesting enough to stick around for a long time yet...

But if you do decide to leave us, you just need to do one of the following. First, you can click on the unsubscribe link that you will find in the bottom left of each communication we send you. You may also unsubscribe at anytime by logging in here with your email address and password. Once logged in click the Update User Profile link. Here you may scroll to the bottom and click the 'cancel my membership' button to unsubscribe your email address to PrimeConnect.

What if I’m having technical problems/forget my password?

Please click on the Technical Support link found in the bottom left corner of the community login page here. Here you can view Frequently Asked Technical Support questions and contact our Technical Support team directly with any queries or general comments.

If you cannot remember your password, simply click on the “Forgot password” button on the community login page to have it e-mailed to yourself. If you continue to experience problems you can click on the Technical Support link in the bottom left corner of the page.

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